Leicester For Business

Leicester is an excellent choice for business relocation due to its central location, cost effective workforce, quality of life and diverse economy and the polls agree with us, as recently Leicester has been ranked the 9th best place to do business in Britain. Leicester is centrally located and has a fantastic communications network as well as great transport links to the rest of the UK, further more Europe is just a commute away using the Leicester to St Pancras and the Channel tunnel rail link from their through to Europe.

Economy: Its diverse economy accounts for nearly a quarter of the East Midlands GDP. George Cowcher, chief executive of Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce stated that “The economy here is well-balanced, with a good mix of global manufacturing brands, smaller but no less innovative SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and a strong service sector which has helped not just the East Midlands, but the UK as a whole, come out of recession and well into recovery.” Disney Stores, Expedia, HSBC, United Parcel Services and Astra Charnwood have all chosen Leicestershire for their UK bases in the past so new businesses to the area will be in good company.

Sectors: With companies in the Food and drink processing, information technology, financial and business services, creative industries, customer contact centres, distribution and manufacturing, Leicester shows how a variety of businesses across the sectors can thrive in the Leicestershire County.

Workforce: Due to a strong industrial background in Leicestershire the workforce’s experience in the field of manufacturing is outstanding. The Universities in the area as well as training establishments have boosted the workforce hugely in the fields of science and technological industries also. The workforce here is regarded as loyal and industrious making for an adaptable and strong human resource that would be a great benefit to any successful business.

Education: Leicestershire’s three Universities boast centres of research excellence and have strong ties with many local, national and international companies. Some of the best academic minds in key leading edge technologies are located here, for example:

  • Genetics
  • Space Science
  • Bio-medical Science
  • Engineering
  • Computing
  • Sports Science
  • Materials and Construction.

In good company: Leicester has 36242 companies registered and a great many of them have been extremely successful. Here’s a little bit of inspiration in the form of a summary of the top three performing Leicester businesses:

Barrett Developments: Leicestershire based Barrett Developments has been running for almost 60 years and has a net worth of a whopping 60 billion pounds.

Om Properties Investment Company Limited: Leicestershire based Om Properties has been running for over 30 years and is worth over 30 million pounds. Profits are up over 900k from last year alone.

Punch Promotions Limited: Currently run by Richard Hatton, Punch promotions located at Meridian Business Park, Leicester has been running for over 16 years now and are work over 22 million pounds.

Start Up Help in Leicester:

If you are considering a new start up business in the Leicester area we think you’ll be really happy here. The area boast excellent networking, education, training and business opportunities across a variety of different sectors. Not to mention your new business will be in reach of both beautiful countryside and the business needs of the big city, literally everything is at your feet here in Leicestershire. If you need further help in your decision making, below are a few sites that might be able to help get you started thinking about your individual business requirements and how they would be suited to Leicester as a base.